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Posted:Hi everyone,

Just wanted to share a couple of nice video of our headbalance routine filmed at the Halifax International Buskers Festival.

We love these audiences!

...also there's this one of us at the Toronto Buskerfest...

Hope you all enjoy smile


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Posted:1) Well, dunno I know you , but it'd be discutable to call this
fire spinning, I'd rather call this "master posing" grin and for
eyes of a spinner kinda boring, sorry,but that just one per-
spective so dont beat me for that.

2) Can't resist by I'd change the day to night to let the circles
be much more visible and powerfull. Also much more watch-
able, from one perspective.





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Posted:lol....its you again hiding behind that smilee

so as a spinner i have to completley disagree, IMO this is the best fire show in the world....i have seen nothing that comes close to it as a group fire spinning performacne and i love watchning it,

your second should have resisted dude "fire spinning looks better at night"????? wise words you oracle you wink


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