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Posted:As you see from my name I'm a filmmaker - unfortunately not a spinner myself - but I'm very interested in using Fire Poi in my films and projects.

In the more immediate future.. I'm actually shooting a short 2 minute film this Saturday 4th Dec in London which involves someone teaching Fire Poi. It will be a visually stunning display of Fire Spinning with a little humorous twist in the end.

So if anyone is based in London or nearby and is interested in being in the film please get in touch and I can tell you more about the project! Please note we unfortunately do not have the budget to pay performers but would of course cover all expenses and food. This would be particularly useful for someone who would be interested in having a professional video done to advertise their craft.

My apologies for the short notice, it's all happening very fast so please get back to me as soon as possible on:

Nour Wazzi

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