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Posted:So, I'm browsing around the internet while relaxing after a long day at work when I come across something interesting.

"What is this?", I say to myself, as I peruse an advert for auditions being held. This looks amazing.

Be proficient in juggling: Check
" " comedy: Check
" " reading music: Check
" " playing an instrument: Oh... hmmm....

I then kick myself in the head for putting down a few different instruments in my time and never learning to play them.

So, as I wave goodbye to an interesting opportunity, I sit here pondering. Is this a sign that I should start to re-learn something, never knowing when it will come in handy in the future?

Comments or similar stories/situations welcome.

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Posted:Do it because you enjoy doing it, not for any specific opportunity or purpose - that'd be my advice. It comes much more easy and you won't loose interest as quickly/ get frustrated that easily.

Sure, I do regret not having picked up the guitar, piano or even singing when I was younger ... picking something up is that much easier in earlier years ... then again ... if you really enjoy yourself doing it, it is never too late.

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