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Posted:So Hey Everybody,

I've been spinning poi for six months now. I don't think I need to go into details about how much I love it or why I do it, especially here. tongue2

But the sad truth is that up until now I haven't had anyone to really learn off of. Youtube has pretty much been my sensei. In a perfect world, I'd be able to travel kung fu style to some remote mountain and train under a "master" while balancing on top of poles in the sunset.

but in absence of this, I'd like to post videos from the other night up here and see what helpful advice and critique you guys have to offer. Tell me things I can work on, or maybe moves that I could possibly learn based off variations of what I'm doing, whatever. I really appreciate this:

Here's the first video: It was spun to "Phantom of the opera," from my friend's car stereo. I think that I do more moves in this video than the second one, but I don't think my transitions are very smooth. This could be because I was just warming up (both in form AND temperature... it was pretty damn cold out) or that I hadn't spun with fire in almost a month.

Here's the second video. I think by this point I'm much smoother. It originally was going to be a combination performance with my friend who does staff, but I guess he had technical difficulties. The song isn't from a car stereo, but I felt I had to put something over the talking, as its hilarity was something of a distraction.

Again, thank you all for your help!

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Posted:I'm no expert, but these be my opinions.

Video 1: Your inspin flowers look a bit wonky, work on spin timing/planes/arm position. You seem to have a strange obsession with horizontal stalls between your legs =P. Also, and this might just be a thing I don't appreciate but your transitions from vertical plans to horizontal planes looked rough and dirty. ^_^

Video 2: Mostly the same opinions. Again with the between the leg stalls. I'll just guess for now that's your signature move =P.

Aside from that, looking good. ^_^

Spin on.


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