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KrisKrosLive and Breath
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Location: The Alps, France

Hi there,

Picked up Poi years ago but never learnt much beyond a 3 beat weave. I've been trying some new moves like high/low and tuck turns...which after an hour of being thoroughly confused they suddenly clicked!

Next thing i tried was chasing the sun, per the vid on here. seems i constnatly hit myself when my hands "flop" over my shoulders.

If with a forward spin on my left side it's usually the left poi that hits me square in the back or gets wrapped up with my right poi, i figure this is because its not travelling properly on back (?) plane...

any tips to help out?

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JuggleSeanGOLD Member
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Hello Friend,

Welcome back to playing poi, poi has missed you since the 3 beat weave you learned years ago! If the high/low turns you speak of are what I call hip/shoulder reels, then you are very close to chasing the sun. It helps to be able to transition from shoulder reels into hip reels in one 360 degree turn (see this video and be able to do everything in it


After you can smoothly do reels, just stop spinning with them, and do them facing a wall plane. I think of chasing the sun as doing a same time shoulder reel extension while facing the wall plane, keeping your feet planted. I don't know if any of this makes any since, or helps at all, but I wish you the best of luck. Keep spinning and having fun.
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KrisKrosLive and Breath
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Location: The Alps, France

Makes alot of sense, will put in a few hours on this when i get chance. No acces to a comp for a few days, so i'm working on 5 bt weave smile

Thanks for the tip and the link! Will let you know how i get on.

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astonSILVER Member
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Try with one poi at a time. It may help.

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JaredWSILVER Member
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Just twist your torso a bit.

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