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Posted:Hey HOPPERS!

So I just wanted to let the english speaking world in on a little secret gem of a country in Europe that has some beautiful sweet people and some lovely fire players... (not to mention the cheese and chocolate!!!!)
Its Switzerland!!!! So if you have ever wondered about coming or never even dreamt of it... now is the time...
Come and pass by Basel on a tuesday night and join our juggle meet...
Here's the link to the group on facebook... Don't worry if you don't speak German (even if you did, you probably wouldn't understand the swiss anyway wink ) They all speak English perfectly....
Love, light, fire and flight xxxx

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Posted:Swiss German. My head hurts just thinking about it....

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"You must be," said the Cat, "Or you wouldn't have come here."
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Posted:Cheese?! Chocolate?! People that I can speak to?! FIRE?!

I'm there! ^_^

Now I just need some airfare and some time off from work *sigh*. =)



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Posted:I was in Switzerland last summer, and will be back there this summer as well.
Biel was amazing! So are the Swiss mountains smile



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Posted:I just moved to Zurich, I was wondering if you still got together to spin? I know it is a bit chilly right now, but could always practice inside (obviously without fire). or brave the cold and spin with fire. I am an american, and i cant speak much german (let alone any swiss german).




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Posted:Now that's really funny! It's in a foreign forum that I stumble accross a swiss meeting LOL (I'm swiss myself!)! .... And for the few spinners there I allready know from other places: yes! Most of them do speak english !
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