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Forums > Social Chat > is coleman camping fuel the same as white gas?

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Posted:I am going to burn for the first time very soon and have been looking for white gas at sporting good stores, but all I can find is coleman camping fuel. The guy who worked there told me that the camping fuel was more refined. Being the only person of my friends who knows about this art, I want to make sure I am being safe.

So that brings me to my question... is camping fuel the same as white gas? and will it work well to burn with?


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Posted:This is what I use and have used for the most part sense I started with fire. To my knowledge it was white gas, but I would believe its more refined. Either way it works good but is still dangerous. It has a low flash point, doesn't go out right away, and burns hot. I think kerosene is prolly a bit safer but I've only used it a little bit. I just take all the necessary precautions when using my fuel and burning in general. Its cheap for a good amount and easy to find.

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Posted:A lot of old folks still call it that and it's basically the same thing just less toxic. White gas is actually Naphtha(Ronsonol, zippo fluid).

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Posted:Hello friend.

Short answer, yes coleman fuel is "white gas" and yes it will work well to burn with. The safest fuel for outdoor use is kerosene (which I prefer).

The long and best answer is this...
Read everything on this link, very very very important stuff.
Reading leads to knowledge, knowledge leads to safety, and safety leads to fun spinning for the artist and spectators.

Have fun and be safe friend. We love you.



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Posted:Thank you all for your responses!


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Posted:I use coleman fuel too smile