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Posted:Hi Everybody !

As a sequel to the post about Third-order Motions ... here is (finally) the link where you guys could find the spreadsheet which have given all the pictures of patterns seen before.

Trochod Engine for Po

This plotter could be a good way to better understand the notions detailed in my previous post by experimentation ... as its based on the same approaches, models & theory (if we could call that so).

The actual post has been created to receive all questions, comments or eventually bug reports concerning this tool.

Please enjoy it !


PS : If one of you guys has time and is good at developping with ActionScript (or equivalent language) ... i have a draft of simulator to reshape in an Object Oriented way ... MP me if interested.

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Posted:Awesome, the time dedicated to this project represent techical
understanding of spinning the is very helpful when developing
routines no matter how complicated.

It's question if this tool will come heplful for someone else,
but I enjoy it very much and that matter grin..