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Posted:A post to say thanks to Liam, Aiden and Jo for a Sunday of good spinning and video shooting in Huddersfield.

The Black Bush Poi are even more spectacular in real life than on the vid clips. They're scary to behold even when unlit.

Got some good spinning tips from Liam who, as those of you who've met him will know, has arms that are specially designed for spinning with their small cross section, extra length and ability to stretch into impossible positions.

His brother Aiden seems to be some kind of learning machine, one minute he's lending my Devil Stick having never used one before, the next time I look he's working on moves that took me weeks to learn and inventing his own.

As for Jo, after seeing close up the scar on his chest and witnessing his Black Bush Poi spin, I can only conclude that he's had his sense of self preservation surgically removed!

Cheers Liam for the time spent sorting out the meteor footage, and thanks everyone for the best nights Fire Spinning I've had for some time, and for letting me have a go on your toys.

Good footage, good spinning and good company!

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Posted:Hey Dave,

Your welcome round these parts anytime, maybe then I won't take 6 hours of footage when I do see you

My appologies that the techno pixes were not with us in the late hours but all is sorted now and many round discs of delight will be posted tomorrow.

Next time less filming and more playing