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Forums > Videos > Mel & Grey [contact staff] morning set

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Location: Russia, Saint - Petersburg
Member Since: 16th Jan 2009
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Posted:This is my new contact staff video with Grey!
Watch it! There is an EPIC HEAD MATRIX inside!!!

No eat, no drink, no sleep, no f**k! SPIN! SPIN! SPIN!

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Member Since: 29th Jan 2009
Total posts: 413
Posted:3:14 - 3:18 wow

More Po ! wink


Location: Germany, Hannover
Member Since: 24th Oct 2010
Total posts: 8
Posted:wow this is just amazing.
I hope that I will someday reach that level, but I am still stuck at the Matrix and Fishtales.
How long did it take to learn all that ?

Location: belgium
Member Since: 27th Jan 2010
Total posts: 36
Posted:2 or 3 years, I think... Maybe 1 year with concentration, synthetisation and a LOT of work.

This is very good, some interesting ideas. But start now to move around, find new manipulations ( different ways of using )and get the better cleaner... A kind of dance is ideal but it is not so required, just think about body movements and the staff's states and you will be complete.

And control the staff, and the staff will not control you.


Member Since: 24th Jun 2006
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Posted:Very nice moves!


Elusive and Bearded
Location: Scottsdale, AZ
Member Since: 2nd May 2007
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Posted:i came across this yesterday. looks good, there are some sweet variations imma steal in there smile


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