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Posted:After discovering my affinity for heavier poi with the first purchase of some cathedrals, I'm having a hardish time spinning with my much lighter glow poi. Does anyone have any ideas as to how to make them heavier?

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Posted:I'm having the same problem after getting very fluent with my heavier weighted sock poi, the momentum is so much cleaner, and if you're into stalls it's so much harder with the light ones


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Posted:Idk, consider the light ones practice for clean stalls and such?

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Posted:Or... this is silly, but sometimes I like to link 5 or 6 glow bracelets from the dollar store together (not chain style but in one bunch) and slide the lot of them down onto the head of my sock poi. It makes them glowpoi (obviously) that will last all night without worries about rain or batteries.
Anyways, I always end up adding or subtracting a few to get the weights comfortable. Maybe you could use that concept to weight your ProSeries? Not necessarily with glowsticks, but maybe something more permanent... Simple as a beaded necklace looped around and tacked down.


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