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It is with terrible sadness that we learned of the passing of Burning Dan on Sunday night.

There are no further details as yet.

Many people on this forum had met Dan, or spun with him at one of the many meetings all over the planet - UberPoi, UberParis, a special couple of weeks in Thailand, Nick's Poi retreats, Fire Drums, Burning Man... countless others.

He was a bright light and shining soul... someone you would never forget once you had met him.

It's such a shock to think that he has gone...

Tigerbalm and watermelons...

I thought I'd open this post for anyone on these forums, who still visits, and wants to remember...

Thanks x

Getting to the other side smile

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Thanks for sharing. I heard about it yesterday. Its such sad news but I'm grateful for the fun times I had with him. RIP Dan.

Slicing the Loaf as we speak.

I need it..... Trust me!

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i am just in shock again......"anyone tigerbalm on your nipples"......watermelon, banana-brie-omelette, paris, frankfurt, ireland tiger balm yoga.........RIP and kisses to maggie


- Ho Sa -
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frown i never met him but im sad to hear he passed away. i hope he has happy spinning in his afterlife.

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I've never met him either but I have indeed seen his spinning before and it seems like with that kind of style he'd rather enjoy it in the afterlife, assuming its somewhat like my dreams in which there are no limiitations.

I'll go put some tiger balm on my nipples now in commemoration of his life, which by the reaction of those who knew him appears to have been quite well spent.


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No f**king way.


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Can't believe this dude has gone. I never had the pleasure of meeting the guy but whenever I watch him perform I can never help but smile whilst he spins. We'll see him again soon, but sadly just in another form but it will unmistakably be him through through without a doubt.

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Clare, Dan definitely deserves a lot more then one thread ...


Never met him but the sweetness of his being reflects in the pain of his friends and acquaints.

RIP Dan - you will not be forgotten

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Wow, shocking stuff.

Yes Dan is unforgetable.

Rip Burning Dan

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Wow - What a bright personality that dude had! - RIP Burning Dan.



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RIP Burning Dan frown

Doc Lightning
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How horrible. Does anyone know what happened?

-Mike )'(
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How sad frown

Was this the same tigerbalm Dan that ran the stuff under his eyes?

He was like, my hero.

RIP, dude. x

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Yeah FRD - thats the one frown

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Dan will always be remembered by the global community for the amazing person he was and his contributions to Poi.

I created a tribute page on my site that anyone is welcome to contribute to.
Burning Dan Tribute Page

Unity through Love, Light & Poi

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