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Forums > Technical Discussion > Making Tennisball Poi & The FUNKY smell that lives inside them..

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Member Since: 22nd May 2008
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Posted:This is a bit odd, but I made myself a fine set of tennisball poi last night following all sorts of good advice found on HoP. (thats not the odd part - its coming)

What is NOT mentioned in any of the threads is the smell! I seriously cannot be the only person who has ever noticed this.

Now, I'm not one to promote using an illeagle substance or anything like that.. So I'm going to pretend I had a friend with me that noticed how VERY much the inside of my tenisball smelt like the inside of my *cough* her bong!!

I didnt pick up on this untill after the cutting was done & some nose scratching was in order. At first I thought I was imagining things. (not realising that the smell was from INSIDE the tennisball).

After threading my string through the little hole & pulling it out the painstakingly carved flap on the otherside of the ball to tie a knot.. I noticed it, big time.

Mostly due to the fact that my fingers & the string were now covered in a sticky browny/black oily greasy gross substance that was the exact consitency/smell & look of freshly scraped bong resin.

I dunno about you guys, but this is not what I expected to find in a tennisball!!

Does anyone know what this stuff is? Has anyone else noticed this strange phenomenon before? Can you smoke it? (hahahahaha, just kidding! .... sorta!)

Also, they are a New Zealand brand of balls.. I was wondering if perhaps its just their sheep addled brains putting weird things in balls to confuse the poor aussies?? (ok, I wasnt really - but it was funny! BTW - if your Kiwi, its not personal. Its patriotic)



Location: Salisbury
Member Since: 28th Apr 2008
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Posted:sounds to me like the rubber is deteriating inside the ball and creating the resin you discussed.

i might be wrong though

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Member Since: 22nd May 2008
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Posted:Ok - just to clarify - these are NEW tennisballs, I got off the shelf of my shop.
Straight from the tin, popped the little alfoil lid myself!!

So they shouldnt be deteriorating - and it was the same inside both my tennisballs, and I had a good peer in there with a torch, this stuff is like evenly coated all round the inside!! weird!

They're Avaro international tournament quality (or so the pressure packaged tube claims)

I understand this has very little to do with poi, exept that tennisballs are like the most popular home-poi solutions outside of a pair of socks!


Location: Salisbury
Member Since: 28th Apr 2008
Total posts: 72
Posted:i think home made bean bags are far better weighted and kinder when they hit you than tennis balls but thats personal choice i reckon!

Rubber deterioirates very quickly, on the other hand it might be some substance to Stop the rubber from deteriortating, or it might be some side effect of production.

sure its nowt to worry about thou! although i dont reckon i will be loading up a phat one with any of it!

pyromania pixie power!


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Location: Maghull, Liverpool
Member Since: 9th May 2006
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Posted:tennis balls usually have either a white powder, or this resin you speak of inside them. I'm not sure what exactly the powder does, bur the resin is supposed to make the tennis ball convert energy more efficiently when they're hit by a racket. You gotta remember..they're not supposed to be pierced in any way, as that renders them useless as tennis balls.

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Member Since: 10th Feb 2008
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Posted:Alas, the makes-you-want-to-pass-out-and/or-vomit odor? I got bored, opened a new can, was about to make some poi and had to open the windows to get the smell out of the room from the tennis balls. That smell lingers too, for about a weekend or so. And I'm in America, so its not just New Zealand tennisballs that smell horrid. =D


Member Since: 23rd Jul 2008
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Posted:HAHAHAHA!!!! Nice!!


Member Since: 20th Sep 2003
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Posted:*ponders when it's been the last time he smelled yucky bong remains, remembers that Ozzies (often) use those small plastic bottles for the job eek *

Okay, I got no clue where this smell comes from, but I'm quite certain that it's a subversive attack from the Kiwis to crack on those Ozzie Hippie firespinners who make their own tennis ball poi... Don't fall for it...

btw in the US it might be the DEA initiating this wink

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Location: Geelong, Victoria, Australia!
Member Since: 1st Aug 2007
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Posted:Well, FireTom, I must say I've never used a plastic bottle for anything but holding liquid.

But I agree, if in doubt blame New Zealand or the establishment!



Member Since: 24th Sep 2010
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Posted:I recently made a few sets of tennisball poi. The strangest thing happened when I cut into the balls, it was like they farted. Apparently these balls were pressurized with some obnoxious gas inside. I guess its to help absorb shock, kind of like an inflated tire. Either way, I too have experienced the funky smell inside the tennisballs


Fate Keeps Telling Me To Stop

Member Since: 24th Sep 2009
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Posted:I just made meteors and double staff with tennis balls and didn't smell anything. Maybe I just smell bad and have built up a tolerance. frown


Location: Hicksville, New York, USA
Member Since: 15th Sep 2008
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Posted:That's odd... I used to play tennis AND I've made my first set of poi out of tennis balls, and the only smell I've ever noticed was "New Ball Smell". *shrug*


poi addict
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Member Since: 18th Sep 2010
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Posted:i recomend not smoking it... stick to the green diet yes
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