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CassandraFroggie ... Ribbit !!!
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Morning / evening beautiful people

I am writing this to ask all of you for your help / ideas / feedback and smiles if you really have no idea about massage schools

Shibaki and I are thinking a lot about going to massage schools and become therapists.

USA is a possibility, training is 625 hours in florida over 6 months and i beleive this is of high quality ... but damn it is so expensive

England is an option, as Kat said but the training last friggin forever (1 or 2 years) only for an end result of 200 hours max and only like once a week or so ... Maybe there are more intensive schools but have not found them ,... open for any idea.

Australia ? new Zealand ? hell yeah why not but it is so hard to find infos and understand how this whole thing work...

see our concerns are multiple :

- find a good school with ethics, intelligent teaching and open mind and heart

- find a school that is acknowledged internationally and the diploma would be serious enough to be able to travel and live from it ...

- prices that would not force us to go out and sell our sexy bodies in the dirty darks streets of zanzibar

anyway... this one is a serious call for inspiration help and ideas hope some of you can help

hope to read you soon

Shine on
Cassandra and Shibaki

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GlåssDIAMOND Member
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don't have a solution, but I admire the question

and I think I could help you with someone to practice on.
I'll even give you fresh fruit in return.

plus you might want to pm gabriel same question.
although last message i got said, "still doing the dreaded massages"


GlåssDIAMOND Member
The Ministry of Manipulation
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ps. if you do sell them, how much for the both of you, I think dom and I would put in a joint bid, do we get a discount for the pair?


DioHoP Mechanical Engineer
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The University of Central Oklahoma has a program that gets you certification as a massage therapist in 2 years as a part-time student, so if you went full-time you could probably shave that down to like a year. It's a fairly low-cost school, and it's only an hour south of where my group practices so you could hang out with us anytime you want That one gets my vote!

Good luck getting into it Cass, I've studied massage for a while now on my own and it's a very rewarding practice.

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Hello Cassandra! There are many different intensive massage courses but unfortunately not many of them award an internationally recognised qualification at the end of it. I am an ITEC registered massage therapist/aromatherapist. They do full and part time massage courses all over the world with concessions available for those with little or no income,plus they are recognised as one of the leading bodies in the complimentary therapy world and their qualifications are recognised worldwide.By joining ITEC this also enables you to become a member of other reputable groups such as The Guild of Complimentary Practitioners and the Aromatherapy Organisations Council (very important when statutory regulations come in). They also have many exciting job opportunities such as working on cruise ships etc. and last year I was asked to work in a French ski resort for the winter season (didn't take it up tho' as I have a family to look after!).

I can't remember the website address off hand (something like itecworld or itecprofessionals,I think. Anyway,I hope this has helped and good luck whatever you decide to do!

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CassandraFroggie ... Ribbit !!!
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WOW thank you so much for the replies...
Glass we will talk about your offer offline but we do provide discounts especially in our special break up deal
Good idea am going to PM Gabi of course

Dio thanks for the info will check the wensite out if there is one

Frazzle i am puzzled cause it looked like ITEC only does part time like a day a week for a year or something which is what stopped us ...
Please do say more if you do not mind ?
Also how do you think it would be if we graduated from OZ school or US one and wanted to be licensed in UK for instance ?

THank you spanner will check out the website

please beautiful people give us more info will you ? this is really helping

shine on

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"So I was raised in Europe, where History comes from ..."
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Hi Cassandra

Don't be scared by this looong email answer.
There are many factors you want to consider.
1)First of all where do you want to live and practice? Many countries and states do not recognise courses done in other countries or states, or they do, but you have to write liscensing exams, which again are very time consuming and expensive. To practice in America it is very important that the school gives you the qualification of HHP (holistic health practitioner) . They are trying to clean up their act with massage parlours, prostitution, etc disguised as credible massage, so they make you study alot of the medical sciences, hoping it will deter the seedy elements. To become an HHP, qualifications differ from state to state. Even in san Diego, where I live there are different criteria from county to county.

2) The second thing is where do you want to work from? Many of the schools in addition to teaching regular massage , teach you other treatment designed for working in spas eg salt glow's, body wraps, etc. These treatments are fun to do and give you a break from regular massage, however not very practical if you'll be working from home, and most spas train their therapists in these treatments themselves.

3) Massage schools can be very expensive: speak to someone who has already done the course before signing up. The course I did was part of my Homeopathic course at a university. I studied Homeopathy full time for 6 years and they wanted to give us a way of making some extra money while studying. That's when I found out what an easy way it was to help people and make money as a student, however, I never thought I'd still be doing it today.

4) Another things to consider is: it is very different massaging your gorgeous friends and loved ones than it is to make a living out of it, so you need to look at the pros and cons:

Pros: You are almost guarenteed a job and a fairly good income almost anywhere in the world, including ski resorts/ There is no homework to take home, once the massage is over the job is done/ flexible hours although you will probably work at least one day on the weekend/you are giving to others the magical healing of your touch and the people around you will almost always be happy and relaxed and look forward to seeing you/ You will be putting yourself in an environment with other healers and givers and will probably recieve regular massage and healing/ you will be developing many of your sensual and healing powers and will enbark on a journey of growth and spiritual enlightenment.
Cons: You will probably be doing around 4-6 hours of massaging a day/ you are not massaging by choice (some of the people you massage you would not want to touch with a ten foot pole)/ if you injure almost any part of your body you won't be able to work (not good if ur accident prone)/ it is extremely draining and hard on the body/ although fine while you are young and energetic, you don't still want to be doing massage when you're 50/ it is not very intellectually stimulating/ you spend most of your daylight hours in the dark or dimly lit room zzzzzzzz

Many of the massage therapists at my work really love thir work. Because of the flexible hours, it allows them to spend more time with their families, they can wear comfortable clothes to work and it allows them a life away from the corporate world. For me, I feel so lucky to have massage as a skill, it allowed me to travel all over the world and it gives me a source of income and ability to still help and meet people while I build up my homeopathic practice. I built up practices in 3 different countries and it wouldn't have been possible without massage. However I cannot wait for the day when I don't have to massage any one ever again except for my close friends and loved ones. Never having to do massage professionally again would make me the happiest person in the world. I'm sorry to be so negative. I think that you need to speak to someone else. It's just that I've been massaging for almost 10 yrs now, that's a gizzilllion hours of massaging and now my crippled hands are tired and my brain is dead. To all the massage therapists reading this, I have SO MUCH respect for you!!!!
My life is not all is bad, cos in addition to doing massage, I'm also treating patients with homeopathy which I love and lecturing anatomy, physiology and pathology. And having lotz of fun.

Even after reading this negative email, if you do still take the course, while you are doing the course, you will recieve massages almost EVERY DAY Oh, and it's a real guy trap, guys Luvvvv girls who can massage.

Some of the girls at my work went to some really excellent schools , so I will find out more. And once you're done I can instantly get you a job at a wonderful place where I work, so I'll get to see you every day.

[ 13. July 2003, 15:05: Message edited by: Gabrielle ]

becBRONZE Member
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well gorgeous... you should definitely come to study in Australia - in particular Brisbane (of course) cause we love you soooo much

but to give you an unbiased evaluation - here is the website of Brisbane's most respected Natural Medicine college... I know that they run certificates, diplomas & bachelor degrees in variety of types of massage/natural medicine that are all acredited to national standards (have no idea on whether or not these qualifications would be recognised world-wide though - they might be - I have just never thought to find out)..

so... here it is
- if I have it wrong or something, then you could do a search for Australian College of Natural Medicine... but I think that is right...*

Natural Medicine College

..and if you'd like me to provide you with the very long and detailed list of personally biased reasons why you really would just have to come & study here then please pm me...*

all the best with your research - hope you find the perfect place for you

CassandraFroggie ... Ribbit !!!
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Spanner mucho thanks

Bec baby you are just so sweet ... you know that you and elke are actually one of the thigns I will think of when shibaki and i take our decisions thanks for the link too and elke mentioned that lomi lomi massage teacher ... got more details ?

Gabrielle, THANK YOU soooooo much for this long reply much much much respect and please tell us more more more ...
where did YOU get your degree ? where did you get to practice ? how hard was it ?

what do you think of OZ certificate IV and diplomas of remedial massage therapy ?

more more more more .... please ?

shine on
Cass and shibaki forever thankfull

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FlyntSILVER Member
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Cass my angel, check your pm's. I think i sent you like, two pms full of links to different uni's and massage courses available! i'm hoping it will be some help... xoxoxox

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Hi there

Right I cant claim to be an expert but I can tell you what I am up too! Oz sound slike a great place to study my bezzie mate has just come back from her travels and said you cant move for the amount holistic colleges/centres. Massage seems alot more effective when the sun is shining!

I am going to our local college they have a really good reputation I have spoken to plenty of people who have taken the course. The course is a holistic therapy diploma mostly IIHHT (international institute of holistic and health therapists) so i am assuming i can use it anywhere (correct me if i am wrong please!). The subjects are aromatherapy, holistic body massage, reflexology (looking forward to doing this it fascinates me) also anatomy and phsiology, nutrition and business skills. So pretty wide ranging. Its done over 2.5 days per week but does last for a academic year (looking forward to not being a corporate s**g anymore!).

I cant wait! I know that courses are avaliable in most parts of the country either through local colleges or the governing bodies of the techniques eg, international school of reflexology.

I have passed Indian head massage at night school, it was only 14 weeks but a very good course 6-9 one night a week, maybe you could look into doing evening courses. I think this will be ideal for travelling with, head massage on the beach in thailand lovely!

I can say everyone i have met who has any interest in holistics has been absolutely lovely and very helpful indeed.

Hope this helps abit, will keep my eyes open for anything, i have a copy of massage world at home that seems quite a good mag can pass it on if you likey. Any info on trying to keep my hands fairy soft whislt twirling would be greatly appreciated!!

Spread the love and the healing

Raphael96SILVER Member
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I need a massage..


.:* Moon Pixie *:.Carpal \'Tunnel
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Hey beautiful froggie princess!

Well...sorry it took me ages...but I've got the webpage of Mette's institute... To learn the Lovely *Lomi Lomi* Kahuna BodyWorks I mentioned in an email to you

I think I'd like to learn Kahuna too! So if you are coming to Aus to learn... maybe we could learn together???

Love Elke

Oooh and Cass, I've got a little something I want to send you... do you have a postal address???

* day all the fairy fridges will be aligned and my pixie world will be complete...:*

mechBRONZE Member
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hey here's two number for sheff massage and siatsu centers call them c if you can do a course, if its not too late?

sheff massage centre 01126792080


north yorks shiatus centre - 01142423671

Step (el-nombrie)

KatBRONZE Member
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Hi Cass,

Not all ITEC courses are part-time, some are full time and you can complete quickly as long as you have studied over 100 hours. I am planning on studying part-time as I can't afford to go back to school full time Another college I was considering in London Morley College has a more intensive course - only 18 weeks.

I don't know what the following course is like but it does intensive courses - of course it is more expensive as a result but you only have to go to 15 classes. A course starting in mid September, finishes in November.

Hope that helps Cass.

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CassandraFroggie ... Ribbit !!!
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WOW I am glad you pointed out that you had added some infos kat cause I thought noone had replied... thank you so much
am reposting some of the stuff I have posted in my intro

I am affraid the UK standards are way way too low. the course we are taking is a 3 months 500 hours course and possibly followed by a one year 1200 hours one. from our research around the world it looks like only new york state and OZ seem to have such a high standard (except for france where the only officilal way is 3 years course;; .
would have loved to spend time in UK but sadly it is not the best option for us.

also careful cause the schools in australia we contacted have no idea whatsoever what ITEC means especially the most renouned one throughout the country

it seems that massage standards are SO different in every country (and even in every state for the USA) and i hope tat they will get to a bettre understanding and aggreement in the future...

faery, Mechhead thank you so much for taking th time and giving thoe infos, much appreciated

raphael you should be in paris

Moon Pixie have checked out the site and it sounds great will have to think about it allthough the prices ar pretty high ... mayb not this time or partly this time and then more next year ... looks like shibaki and I might be in brissy around mid march next year

shine on

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"So I was raised in Europe, where History comes from ..."
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KatBRONZE Member
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Hello Princess Cass,

Thanks for info but think ITEC will be just fine. Bizarre that the schools had no idea what ITEC is imo, its the leading qualification in UK and Eire and the recognised international qualification in Japan and other countries which is why I want ITEC qualification so I can travel. There are also schools in Oz & NZ that recommend you take ITEC exam if you intend to travel internationally Plus it is a recognised qulaification that you can get professional liability insurance which is v. nb.

It is great that you can study on such an intensive course however and if I could I would love to do the same as a lot of studying I do will be on my own time and it will take me about 2 years part time to do it. What are you planning on learning? Presume not just basic swedish massage but complete spa therapies?

To begin with I am just planning on getting the basic anatomy physiology & massage (100 hours course study and a recommened 7 + per week by yourself) and then intend to follow up with other courses, Indian Head Massage (which I have studied but want qualification), aromatherapy and diet & nutrition as well as taking a counselling course. By the time I have finished I should have over 500 hours of formal training completed which means that I should have no problems joining most accredited associations worldwide. Some only require over 150-200 hours.

Also you may want to check out the Massage Association of Australia

. There are NO government required licensing tests or requirements in Australia

ii. Any person could set themselves up in the business as a masseur – at least legally.

iii. Membership in one of the associations covering massage is very strongly recommended in order to obtain professional indemnity and public liability insurance at affordable fees. One usually needs this membership to get employed and/or to advertise in the newspapers.

iv. The qualifications for membership do differ somewhat from association to association.

Some will accept:

the qualifications from overseas registered schools;
some associations require around the 700 hour study mark
some will accept the various USA standards and
some regard the Canadian levels of 2000 to 3000 hours as substantially more than adequate.


The problem with massage is that it is not really regulated, I'm sure there are many practicing without insurance which is scary.

Good luck chhosing your school anyhow sweetie x

Come faeries, take me out of this dull world, for I would ride with you upon the wind and dance upon the mountains like a flame.

- W B Yeats

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