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Posted:ANyone know where I can buy firewater, around the blue mountains (Australia, NSW) or sydney?

Willing to buy
also have no ideas about cost etc

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Posted:Juggle Art Sells it and will ship.

Also check bunnings or magnet mart if you have one in your area. The Clear lamp oil is pretty much exactly the same and comes in smaller bottles if your not looking for such a large bottle.

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In Sydney the only place you can buy it over the counter is Happy High Herbs in Newtown, on King St. Its right next to Newtown station. Though theyre good people, you will pay a mindt $40 per 5L for it there.

As ElectricBlue says, buy it in bulk from juggleart it will be much more worth your while, more than double the vale for a 20L.

- On a side note, i had a call from a guy today who said he found somewhere on teh Blue Mountains selling fire staffs. He didnt say where abouts though, or the name of the shop. But have a snoop around you might get lucky!