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Greeting fellow manipulators, for anyone located in the Northeastern US or anyone who happens to be traveling through the area there is a wonderful weekly fire gathering happening on Tuesday evenings in Albany, NY. We've been getting a regular turnout of about 15 spinners, 10-15 drummers, and loads of spectators so it's really come into it's own as a fun open community event. Here's the details and we hope to see some new faces soon!

Albany Spin Jam
When: Tuesday evenings beginning at 7pm, fire starts at dusk
Where: the amphitheater at the Corning Preserve in downtown Albany
What to bring: spinning equipment, juggling props, good attitudes
Directions: park in the Corning Preserve parking lot and walk south following the Hudson River until you reach the amphitheater, or you may also park at the corner of Broadway and Pine St in Albany and walk across the pedestrian foot bridge that crosses I-787

If you are new to Poi and the other spinning arts come on down at 7 as we offer free instruction to any one interested in taking up these wonderful art forms.

Peace, Love, Circles

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What is the exact address for this amphitheater? Me and my girlfriend are planning on going up on tuesday but I can't find the place on mapquest by the directions posted.

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Do people also use Fire Fans at this?

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