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HosukeSILVER Member
5 posts
Location: Tokyo, Japan

I research a new style of poi manipulation.
When I find some tricks or ideas, I'll post my video here.
I hope you'll enjoy : )


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#1 Hanegi [August 24, 2010]


short manipulation sequence [October 11, 2010]

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Location: Denver-ish Colorado

I just watched this video like a few hours before you posted this here..what a ca wink a dink lol

GREAT video.

good vibe

awesome tricks!

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Sister ElevenGOLD Member
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If my iPod would let me interact with YouTube properly, this video would already be favorited. As it is, it'll probably happen tomorrow.


ExuroThe Prodigy
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I really enjoyed this video,
especially your throw sequences.
The toss at 1:25 is awesome! I'm definitely going to be playing with that one.

Looking forward to more videos from you!

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Ase AnthonyGOLD Member
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thanks for sharing, i am going to share this as well

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pascalhopGOLD Member
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Location: france

nice spin and contact tricks!

HosukeSILVER Member
5 posts
Location: Tokyo, Japan

Thank you all!
I keep research.

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Location: Russia, Saint - Petersburg

Nice vid! Good manipulation ideas.

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astonSILVER Member
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Awesome stuff. grin

Looking forward to more from you.

2:21. This one is hard....

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HosukeSILVER Member
5 posts
Location: Tokyo, Japan

My short manipulation sequence at Naranja Juggling Festival [October 11, 2010].
This performance was not good, but finally I decided to upload it on youtube.
I hope you'll enjoy and give me some comments.

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