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Defeats the purpose
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Posted:Fresh back from the playa and have some vids to share! I didn't get out as much as I wanted, but still managed to capture some great performances. Here they are more or less in chronological order. Hope y'all enjoy them!


Kate showing off a new trick (I know it's been posted already, but I'm including it for aggregation purposes):



Burning Dan:

Adam Herscheid:

And lastly me smile



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Posted:G's was amazing! It's so fun to watch him. I think it's becausehis spinning displays a lot of the emotions I feel when I spin. For me to be more me, I still need to get better at the floor plane antispin and atomics and all those crazy stalls.

The only luck is bad luck.

Shut up before I stall my poi up your ass grin

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Posted:Arashi wave laugh3

G is very nice with some ideas...

Kate trick is cool.

Everything else shrug.