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Posted: Anyone know where I can read the laws regarding fire arts laws in Australia (Staf, Poi, Fire Eating & fire breathing?

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Posted:Not sure whether such catalog would exist at all...

I'd try with local fire prevention police or municipality

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Posted:You won't find anything specific under the various acts and regulations; legilsation regarding fire is going to come under public safety or OHS (depending where you do it).

All the laws can be found at www.legislation.qld/nsw/ACT (insert your state)

Legislation is intentionally very broad and it will come under an obligation to public safety or risk management or some such.

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Posted:What are you looking for exactly? Is it to do with fire bans? Or carrying the actual equipments?


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Posted:simple, dont do it anywhere thats popular with lots of people (like CBD parks), and dont do it if theres a total fire ban.

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