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Posted:So as it turns out, HoP is a terrible place to find people. Then one night I'm showing off my new crystal Poi over at the Commons, and The Amazing Baz walks up to me and tells me all about the spin jam that happens every Monday night at MIT. Which I went to last night. And is absolutely amazing.

So lesson learned: Forget HoP and use Facebook, it's far more useful.

And if anyone here lives in/near Boston, check out Boston Spinjams on FB. And ignore the one at Mass Art -- it doesn't exist anymore.

For those in Massachusetts who live outside of Boston, just do a group search on facebook, there are a few groups across the state.

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Posted:I live in Lynn and never heard of Poi til today and only because I accidentally wound up on this site! LoL but I'm glad I did because now I'm interested. So tonight I work on my first pair of Sock Poi smile

Never heard of Poi til I bought my first set of throwing knives. Searched for any help learning my new knife hobby n this site came up. Now I wanna learn Poi, so looks like I went from having no hobbies to learning 2 of them at once.


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