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Posted:I have just started getting into one handed moves and I want to start doing them right. I can go from a 3 beat into the one handed 2 beat, but on the reverse i can't figure out whether i should try to lead with the "heel" of my hand or lead with the front of my hand anyway?

Hard to explain but like if i switch to my right hand, i can start reverse weaving leading with the poi that started in that hand or try to do lead with the one I pass which hopefully will be coming out of the other side of my hand.

why is the 8mm meteor 41$ and the 10mm meteor over 100$? is it really that much of a material diff?

Thanks guys smile

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Posted:I'm no expert at meteor, as I just haven't logged the hours, but I'd say get good at both positions. Andy House is good at both.

In one hand you have a thumb-side poi and a pinky-side poi. This is equivalent to left and right hand (or vice versa). Imagine if you were only good at doing a 2-beat with one hand leading. Obviously you want to get good at leading with either hand, and therefore either side of a single hand.

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