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Been spinning for 3 and a half months, filmed myself to see what it looked like, and then threw in some music, pretty happy of the actual result, even though a lot of it is sloppy...
Failed the flowers, and the Meltdown needs practise, planes aren't too good there , but it's a start smile
I'm just useless at combo making tbh, I'd appreciate tips smile

Tell me what you think so far smile


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Posted:I enjoyed your video.

it looks like your having a lot of fun.

don't sweat the flowers, fluidity and the ability to count and really emphasize your pedals will come with time.

and the little ditty from 1:09-1:17 was my favorite part of your dont bum out on your meltdowns too hard.


great video man.

keep that one around and watch it in a few months.

OH NO!!! I cant seem to think of anything "funny" and/or "wise" to put in my forum signature...NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! lol




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Posted:You taught yourself this in 3 and a half months? Man- I must be slow or something because I feel like I am barely scraping the basics here^^;

Great video- It was fun to watch!


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