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Posted:For people in the uk; which city or town do u think has the most meets\ practices and events because im going 2 uni next year and was wondering weather this could influence my choice of location.

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Posted:good question... afraid I don't know myself...

I know there are groups in Cambridge, Leeds and Sheffield though of the 3 I think Lazy Angel from Cambs is the only one who posts on here any more (I may be wrong, I often am)

Beyond that all I can add is that I imagine any uni you can think of has at least a circus/juggling club. I know Reading (where I'm going this september) has one

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Posted:I'd think Bristol is the place to go if you want lots of circusy stuff around, some awesome spinners, and all really nice guys too!

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Posted:Bristol, Brighton, London, Manchester.

But please don't let that influence your choice of uni.
EVERY uni has circus people.


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Posted:Gloucester dont forget us lol

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Posted:definately bristol or london, lots of talented peeps there

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Posted:Another vote for London or Bristol

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