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Posted:Hey everyone! I saw an amazing glow toy this summer at the Project Earth (presented by Wookiefoot) festival in Minnesota. This festival is amazing, very inspiring and some of the best vibes I have ever felt!!! http://www.wookiefoot.com/festivals/project-earth/home
br>Anyway, I saw on stage an amazing glow toy used which I have never seen before. I didn't get a good look at them but they gave the illusion of little galaxies spinning around the dancers bodies. It was amazing!!! Oh and I was completely sober and in a normal everyday state. I wish I could find a picture of it, but any ideas of what it could be??


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Posted:I guess we need more information/ description of what exactly you saw... "the illusion of little galaxies spinning round the dancers bodies" is a bit vague.... on fire, on LED, single spots or clusters of sparks... it would help us wrapping our head around it. Also significant would be whether the dancers moved synchronized with them (like with levisticks)...

good you mentioned you were sober wink


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Posted:also there might be pictures of the performance somewhere by now?
check for example FB or in their gallery and let us know... visuals will greatly help to identify the effect you're talking about smile

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Posted:Was it anything like these?

The only luck is bad luck.

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Posted:Could it be LED mini hoops that they were spinning real fast?

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Posted:sounds like it is fiber optic lights... long fibers and they hold a base that holds the batteries and light source...
they kind of float around randomly as the dancers move their hands???


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Posted:Yeah, i'd suggest glow wand or astrojacks

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