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Posted:I've looked around for a while now at the forums and tutorials, have seen some great stuff, read a lot of discussion, etc., and wanted to see if three was any interest in a different approach to fire staff.

A bit of background. I've done stickwork for 30+ years, taught people for over 20, I've trained in TKD for around 15 years, taught it for around 10. I've done professional performances with a 6' 5+ pound staff for some time now, won all but one competition I've entered (bad day, came in 2nd) and stolen every good idea I could find for stickwork over the last 30+ years.

Over the last couple of years I've been translating my normal stickwork into 6' fire staff moves that have thus far been well received in performances.

But, and here's the kicker, my style is a departure from what I've seen around here so before I start uploading things I want to find out if there is any interest.

And what are the departures?

1) I use an uneven grip, one hand up, one hand down.
2) I use an off center grip almost exclusively
3) I use a travelling grip that has my hands walking around the stick
4) Across the body, behind the back, and free air passes are standard
5) I am very pleased when people "steal" my techniques

I do not represent what I do as better, just different so I am not interested in engaging in religious arguments about style and technique. I just want to see if three is any interest and if so I'll expand my standard stickwork lessons to include fire staff and begin recording and uploading them.

This will take some time as I work a 50+ hour/week professional job, have a gig on the weekends through October 31, and still have teaching and training to do. But if there is interest, let me know. If not, no worries.

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Posted:videos please.


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Posted:Three is definatly interest, a lot of firestaffers come from a martial arts background.

Please show us your stuff.

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Posted:Yeah show us the vids! grin

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Posted:I would be interested in either aspect. (Fire or martial)

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Posted:Please share. I've come to staff from an aikido background and I think there's awesome possibilities in the martial arts/fire staff crossover mashup space.

So yeah, bring it on please.



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Posted:yes please! there is definitely an interest!