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Posted:Hey guys!
I'm looking to build a pair of LED Juggling Clubs. I can't find them for a reasonable price online, so it's time for another DIY project!

Any suggestions as to:
1.) Do any guides exist?
2.) Best sites/stores for purchasing super bring LED's

Any comments / ideas are much appreciated!

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Posted:How expensive is too expensive for you?

k8 has some really nice new juggling clubs, 18 different light settings and a remote control change all light equipment to the same frequency simultaneously (I've got a coupld of the older staffs that only work on manuel mode, and damn is it a freakin pain in the ass without a instant remote) and I think they only cost around 100 euros a club. Im pretty sure theres even companies out there with just one light setting option for even cheaper.

Just a thought... what with all the experimentation time, buying stuff figuring out it doesnt work and buying more stuff, trying to make them yourself might not end up to be all that cheaper.

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Posted:Yeah, making a pair, then making them again and again until they're reliable is going to be more expensive than just benefiting from someone who's done all that work before. (I speak as one who's going through that process with a variety of toys.)

And hell, HoP have glow sock poi for NZ$30 for pair. That's pretty reasonable.