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Posted:there are a few post on this put they are all pretty old I was wondering if some one could recommend a good edit software which can have quicktime files imported. I don't want to use windows movie maker and I can't afford adobe, also i own a pc so puts any mac options out the "windows".

any suggestions

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Posted:You could always switch to Ubuntu and get the ubuntu studio packages. Lots of good editing software for audio and video. Look for a ubuntu studio cd image online from ubuntu.com and run it as a live cd to do your editing if you don't want to install it. I run w dual boot windows xp with ubuntu 9.1 hope this helps as there are not many good options for windows that are free.

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Posted:there is free editing software for PC out there


Got no real experience with any of it, but WMM - and this is a pain in the bum to work with...

At one stage I opted for Sony Vegas, it is maybe one of the best semi-pro tools for video editing. It is economical, comes with a 30 day trial period, has inbuilt tutorials and for the rest you find nearly everything answered in video tutorials on YouTube.


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Posted:I don't know of any specific programs, but you can try looking on CNET's downloads for something. You can specify OS and price range to help you search.

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