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Posted:Nom Nom Nom

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Posted:The location is cool, but a bit 'restrictive'. I like the techiness at 2:08-2:11.. feel some pure tech init grin .
Also what is the music ? What is the other guy doing there smile ? Also I was sometime waiting when
you'll get burned cause your uncontroled spinning. For the nex time, return to basic, really, make it
clear. Spinning must not be something special all the time. But I think you've joyed that anyway grin.



Posted:i think he was plane bending not uncontrolled. idk thoough

make love to the present
F@ck the past.




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Posted:^^^Unregistered what are ou talking about haha? He had the whole poolside to move around on. The other guy was just picking up a lighter lol. And he wasnt uncontrolled he was planechanging. But as for the vid I enjoyed it. I would like to see how you progress. I really liked the music as well. Song title?


Posted:Definitely bending the planes like it's nobody's business.


Trees are the Answer


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