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Posted:Hi there,
I have made my own website,, currently on a free domain (reasoning behind the .tk) but I have been hard tried on getting people to visit. Ive done the facebook/myspace ads, youtube, and so on. I have also posted videos on youtube, but yet again, cant get alot of views. I was wondering if you could give me any advice at all? I would be forever grateful.
Thank you bunches,
Lil Pyro

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Posted:there are many tips how to raise your Google rating (for free) - amongst them Metatext and links (linking to other sites and getting linked by them)...

Investing in advertising may be a good way to burn bucks - but might not get the desired result at first... and there were at the core issue:

what is the main intent behind this website? is it an informal, personal website? are you trying to get gigs? trying to be a ressource for the community?

I like the general layout of the site. Yet, I always thought that Poi has initially been a weapon and the ritual use came after wink but what do I know. Also I dont necessarily agree that I personally am doing Poi to impress others and gain their respect. I always did it for the fun of the movement... the attention I received rather annoyed me. But... if you intend to get customers, would you really want to tell them "guys I do it for the attention"... rather than "for the good money youll be paying me for the "extreme show extraordinnaire" which I deliver to you without burnign down your place or injuring your customers..." wink

Just a very brief review (and trust me I do know how much work it must have been to put together this site - chapeau!)

About us: introducing each member of the group is a good idea, consider adding pictures to the profiles and first (if that is your main objective), introduce the group as such...

Rates and Services: If you intend to charge .50 per mile outside a 10 mile radius, consider to add the information about your homebase on top wink and "liable" might not be the term which attracts many people wink

Vids: too many vids... consider scaling it down, if you dont have the necessary skills yourself for editing, consider asking friends or hire a pro. From my experience it would be 2 or 3 vids, each 2:30 mins at first and then a few others... but all should have a certain level of professional attitude.

Photos: same applies here - less is more. A photosession will last a few hours, end up in hundreds of pictures, of which only 10 are worth publishing... Costumes depend on the kind of show you offer. Im more on the fantasy end of the spectrum, but Helloween might also be a good theme... it really depends on the maket you try to tackle.

Apart from your area code I get no information on "where are you based"???

Featured Products: broken link

Overall: really try to think about the main objective first. You want to promote your fire group? The "home" section should reflect that. Check online how other (established) groups promote themselves and take them as an example. (

Which area are you operating from and for? What customers are based in this area, are there other firegroups serving the market? Which market are they targetting?

Which kind of shows are you offering? Do you have a variety of costumes?

Consider printing flyers and distribute them in clubs, post bills in convenient (shopping) locations, send your profiles to agents and event managers in the area...

Painfully eradicate all typos that might be hidden in your text and try to lean on example by other professionals... Rather than offering a forum (of which a bazillion exist already) and investing hundreds of bucks in Facebook ads wink invest 50$ in a CSS or Joomla template ( it would give your exposure a very professional attempt.

Hope it helped, sorry if it sounds dry and criticising - Im on the way to the beach, so I havent got too much time to sprinkle the remarks about the respect I have for you, putting time and effort into a web-exposure, gathering information and text and creating a website all by yourself.

Best of luck for your project hug

the best smiles are the ones you lead to wink


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