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Majik Detroit
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Majik Detroit

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Posted:Hello! My name's Chrissie ((some people know me as Majik)), I'm a fire performer from Detroit MI and I'm headed to scotland/england for 2 weeks starting tomorrow! My family is from england so we'll be visiting with them but I'd love to meet some fire family from over seas! I will be in Loch Lomond from he 30th- the 6th of August then Leeds from 6th till the 12th, then Cambridge from the 13th till the 15th. Also if anyone knows of any fire gatherings, open practices or festivals going on from the 10th till the 14th let me know, i'm tottally willing to hop on a bus for a few hours to meet you guys!!!

Hoping to meet some firey friends!

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Location: Halifax, West Yorks, England

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Posted:Hello there. I have just joined the forum but I am from Halifax which is about 13 miles West of Leeds. I'm not the best at poi.. but I'm not bad wink

The family and our mates are off to Todstock, Todmorden.Sat 7 - sun 8 August. Quite a few of us do poi, devil stick, fire hoop etc. etc. Todmorden is probably about 30-40 mins drive from Leeds
It is a free festival, they just ask for you to make a donation, the donations go to local charities. Camping is offsite for public but it is available. However if you fancy coming along give us a shout and we can meet up and say hello.. as well as introduce you to the nutters I hang around with

Peace out

Lisa smile

Mad Scorpion Nutter


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