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Posted:Hi there everyone! So i have been spinning a total of 3 months. Fire for one. Was hoping people will watch and give me some contructive critisism. For example one thing im aware of is i need to change modes more and go above my head more. Any input is much appreciated!! Thanks for watching!

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Posted:welcome to HoP

nice spin - good transitions - 3 months only? either proof of your talent or how easy it is to pick it up tongue2 wink

Apart from this: wrong forum wink

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Posted:I believe that would be talent ;D Poi is definitely not easy to pick up laugh3

You should get a video of you poi-ing to music. I think that shows your talents much more than silent spinning smile In the way that it shows your ability to flow to the music.

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Posted:Thanks So Much!!! Ok ill spin tonight to my favorite songs and post them up later!! Ya 3 months, First two was practicly 8 hours a day of practice though till i got it! And i do believe i have past videos on my youtube and facebook of me poi-ing to some tunes.


Posted:oh and for the wrong forum thing. I thought it classified under social discussion because i was looking more for input from members and not just a hey check out my video. But thanks i will know for next time! smile


Posted:Ok i found an older video, i remember i felt like i was flowing with the music when i did it. First spin with just flowlights no cases. Was while taking a break at work : ).


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Posted:More variation. Not just direction and timing, but also speed.
Try not to think in terms of just doing different moves, but more the overall feel and style of your spinning - then use different combinations of moves, direction, timing, speed, extensions etc to achieve different styles.

You're looking good for 3 months though. Keep it up!


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Posted:Go and practise outside it still sunny!