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Posted:I am Daniel A.K.A. "WhiteNyte" A.K.A. Forum Administrator for KC Drum and Dance

For several months before creating the new forum KC Drum and Dance, I had been trying to learn POI, but was having a hard time finding people with whom I could meet and learn... To no avail... I tried, but only found Drum Circles, etc... I am a drummer and love to meet with people to drum with, and so this did interest me, but did not seem to fulfill the necessity for finding someone to learn from... And so KC Drum and Dance was born...

KC Drum and Dance is a place where Drummers, Rhymaticians, POI Spinners, Staff spinners, Fan artists, Hoop dancers, and everyone else in Kansas City and abroad who is interested or active in such arts can meet, discuss, learn, and gather to perform their arts... Come on over to
and check us out.... It is a new forum and currently does not have many members (only me and my wife at the time of this posting), but I hope for that to change...

I am not, by any means, attempting to replace this forum at HoP... I mearly am wanting to use it as a site for local performers to come together to enjoy their arts or perhaps non-local performers who travel to the Kansas City area to be able to meet up with local performers...

I do not believe this post to be in violation of any of the rules of HoP and I do not mean to break any rules of this great forum, however, if I am in violation, I appologize and fully expect this post to be removed or will remove it myself if given the opportunity... I do have a link back here to HoP in my Advertisements Category and do thank this forum for the immense amount of help I have received here...

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Posted:Yo! South KC here; I'll check out the site dude, we're here - just gotta poke around.