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Posted:Ok I was bored and went on Omegle. I can't explain the epicness of this conversation so i will post it lol2 I think it was best for the first half. It was insane, but we kind of ran out of ideas.

You: Hello there Mr. or Ms. Person what is on the up
Stranger: why is what on the up?
Stranger: that's a terrible thing for the what to do
You: Well it depends what kind of up it is
Stranger: do explain
You: if the up is a kind of up that attrachs that what, than obviously what is going to go on the up
Stranger: but why must the what be attached to the top of the up, and not the sides or bottom?
You: well it doesnt matter, if what is on the up, than it could be attatched anywhere on the up
Stranger: i suppose it could be interpreted that way
Stranger: however, that does not excuse the travesty that occurs when the what is on the up
You: That travesty is an act of beauty my friend how dare you!
You: HOW DARE YOU WHAT IS A BEAUTIFUL WOMAN! And what what does with up is amazing and should be protected.
Stranger: what do you say to that?
You: That is only a costume to hide from the Nigerian navy!
Stranger: she is a BEAR
Stranger: have you never noticed how she only eats berries and salmon?
Stranger: or sleeps for long periods of time in the winter?
You: She is on a special diet for her bowl problems and she wasnt asleep. She got hit by a car and was in a coma you insensitive person!
Stranger: ALL LIES
Stranger: I warn you my friend
Stranger: she knows that you know now
Stranger: you're a threat to her
Stranger: and she'll kill you when she gets the chance
Stranger: only by working together NOW can we stop her
You: Maybe so, but what can we do to stop What?
Stranger: we must set up a trap.... with Up as the bait
Stranger: ultimately, we may lose Up
You: Noooo
You: Up is precious!
Stranger: it's the only way
Stranger: we have to
Stranger: Up has agreed to it
You: If it's what Up wants, we must do it
Stranger: the fact that what is a bear... wounded him deepest of all, and he want's to bring What down to end this madness
Stranger: ok... so here's what we'll do....
You: i'm listening
Stranger: there's a open area just two blocks away..... in the center of that area is where we'll put the trap
You: ingenious!
Stranger: it's a steel cage that's electrically charged, 15000v at 30 Amps
You: Where will we get the power?
Stranger: it'll be buried underground, the wires connected straight into the Nuclear plant nearby
Stranger: in the trap, will be a weight sensitive switch
You: But What can fly, how else would What get to Up?
Stranger: it's set for 750 lbs, so only something like What will be able to trigger it
Stranger: that's why Up.... is coming Down
You: i see i see
Stranger: once What is in the trap and has triggered the switch, the cage will fry her until she is no more
You: But where do we put Up?
You: Is Up in the cage as well?
Stranger: this is where you come in.....
Stranger: Up will be tethered to a rope... once we get What into the trap we only have seconds to get Up out of there
Stranger: it'll be close, but if you time it right you can pull him out of there just in time
You: It shall be done
Stranger: it'll be dangerous though... if What should happen to grab Up, he's done for

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Posted:Oh God, this is EXACTLY like the kind of conversations I used to have with my friends. Except ours usually involved inter dimensional traveling and fried chicken.


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Posted:I've had one on Omegle about theoretical physics at 4am with someone. that was awesome.


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Posted:love it, i find a lot of similar ones written down when I dig out my old school books,

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Posted:Originally Posted By: Pojeomegle?

Chatroulette, basically.

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Posted:awesome, although the best part of conversations like these is when they actually become a cyclic argument and nobody can logically defeat them.

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