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Forums > Videos > Ian's Poi solo with the Vulcan Crew

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This is the first choreographed solo that I have been not unhappy about.
Please comment and tell me anything you saw or felt while watching. I had specific intentions, I'm not interested in if you see what I was doing but how my intention translates into other people's experience. So please just tell me how if at all this piece affected you.

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Posted:Good morning,
the passion and flow was definitely visible. Especially in the beginning.
Imo it faded a little bit towards the end and became more introverted and complex spinning. Which is not a bad thing but performance wise it can separate you from the audience. And it seemed to me that you did not establish eye contact with the crowd footinmouth
always happy to see you
my 2 cents smile


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Posted:Hmmm, there is a story about Poi, story about life, story about a rhythm, master.



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