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Posted:All right, I'd like here to present some of the basic hybrid patterns, anti-spin extensions.

Basic: Reel (low turn, high turn)
Advanced: Anti-spin

All these patterns are done with straight arms, they are regular. All of them use
the whole big circle. They are reel, so their basic stance is a wheel plane,
but they can be also done wall plane. The specific characteristic of this moves
is that:

Quote: they use a different timing for Poi and different timing for hands.
Because of this rule at least one hand is doing an anti-spin motion. We could
write done all possible known timing combinations and associate it with Poi
and hand, but I'll present here only those interesting and doable combinations:

Hands parallel, Poi opposite

Buttefly low reel, with side butterfly and mexican wave.

Hands opposite, Poi alternate

Weave Low reel to separete alternate circles to weave high reel.

More to come...


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Posted:Hands parallel poi opposite is called a triquetra, you can have either or both of your hands crossed or behind your back or just in front but it's still the same pattern (also like a weaving motion from side to side in wheel plane).

Hands opposite poi alternate normally refered to as a huggie when done from front to back, the back to front version doesn't have a specific name. You can also do extension in front and the antispin behind your head.


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Posted:No, triquestra is only one exact move I'm talking about tech. Huggi is a only complicated crosser.


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