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Posted:Hello my extended fire family, my name is sunshine, I am a 24 male poi, staff, dart, breather, eater, and I am traveling all over europe from late august-mid october. Zan (us) suggested I visit fire communities while traveling, and that sounded great to me. I have NEVER traveled, and have NO itinerary whatsoever. I am interested in wandering around europe with my backpack and fire poi, and meeting fire folks. If your interested in showing me the ways of european fire, no matter where in europe you are, I would love to be in touch with you. Also If you have any tips on how to find more people like us, please tell me. Also, if you want to see what I do here in the US, check out my site,

be well friends.

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Posted:So, if you're gonna go to the Czech Republick, i really recommend you to see a friend of mone, Lucie Karenova (otherwise known as Laethe) as she and her fireshow group "Brighter than a Thousand suns" are pretty good...

I'll pm you her facebook. wink

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