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wave Hi all,

finally a four day summer circus festival on the Irish home soil... :yahoo:

The Midlands Irish Circus Festival is to be hosted in Birr Co. Offaly which is inside 2hrs from everywhere in the country I'm told.
The festival will begin on Thursday the 12th of August and run through until the late evening of Sunday the 15th and is to hold a few exciting surprises en route.

The tale of Epicity that will be...

*Registration opens in the morning, say 10 and we get the childrens
workshops done and dusted here right at the beginning.(volunteers?)
*Workshops all day, warm thyselves (for) da funk up wink
*Fireshow at dusk...proper Fire-show/performance followed by
open session at the local rugby club, by the park, by the river.
*Followed by- into the rugby club for food, drinks, juggling, music and dancing till 2am.

*Worshops etc. opening at 10.30am
*Preperation of parade piece 2pm -- 4pm (Volunteers?)
*Public Show- Theatre and Arts Centre up the road at 8pm
Hall closes at 6pm (Helper-Outer's needed to lay out chairs for the OAP bingo session!!!)
*Hip-Hopera PPS Party- Marquee out back of 'The Chestnut' round the
corner. MCKate and her band BeatboXSam, skratch DJs,C(rew) O(f) 2
world champ dance crew,and You- the music makers and dreamers of
this collective dream, bring your dancin shoes and whatever else makes
you move. Till 2am

*Hall opens at 10am-Workshops etc.
*12am-4pm Busking Competition, get your hats off smile 1st Prize 200 and
the coveted "Dom Egan Cup" . Not so much a trophy as the boon of
passed Legend, this Chalice is named after the much loved and missed
local legend "the Dom", Michael Egan, 'Dom'inator of the spoons,
squeezbox,the boxin, 'da hurlin' and the hearts of the local people as
only the friendly old local boozer can.(Performers for spot-schedule?)
*9pm Open Stage- if you have a routine you'd like to get out there or a
technique you want to try on the audience this is the place. We
encourage 4-6 minute pieces of worked/improvised material, go on, give
it a go!(Performers for slot-schedule?)
*The time between- African Drumming and mini-jam
*11pm- Now you're all nice and warmed up its ReNeGaDe time, let the
infernal shenanigans begin.
Till 2am. Toxic weather depending there may be an after-party.

*11am- Hall opens for parade preperation, All welcome to join parade,
bring your glad-rags.
*12am-2.30pm Parade
*2.30pm-4.30pm Street Shenanigans go wild, make a buck, have fun,
make experiences, or just head for the hall smile
*5pm-8pm Outdoor show and games to close the convention
*8.30 Specially chartered buses leave for Galway and Dublin dependant
on interest. (who wants to use the service?)
* I go for a nice chill out someplace and prepare for the afterparty
mission to Boom Festival with some of the crew. smile

So...yeah...absolute savagery in the best possible sense, the days will be just packed smile

Camping will be on the MoorePark Pitch in a secure area...have to pay security and shower facilities so there will be a per person charge of 8 per night or 25 for the convention which will include Sunday night for those who aren't quite ready to leave by Sunday. (Please be good, or at the very least, good at it.)

You'll be pleased to know that of all locations and venues everywhere is 3-8mins on foot from everywhere else...nice

So far we have four types of volunteers:

1. Helper-outers: nothing timetabled just friendly help
2. Volunteers: scheduled dutiful help for four hours per day each day of the festival.
3. Childrens Workshoppers
3. Street/Open Stage performers

There will be gratuities of various degrees for each of these categories, please specify which category of voluntary help you would like to be, we appreciate all the help we can you can see, there's plenty to help with. I'd also like to vouch here that no volunteers will have obligations that could cause them to miss any performance events case anyone would worry... smile

People interested in volunteering, conducting children's workshops, and/or performing in the Open Stage (please) PM me with their actual names, email-addresses, and phone numbers so that I can compile a working schedule for the duration of the Festival." Thanks to everyone volunteering.

Also can sellers, food stalls and other such interested organisations please PM me your interest and any technical details neccesary to your attendance. Thanks.

And one more thing, after a review of costs involved and whats on offer ticket and camping prices will be as follows:
Festival ticket for four days:

Adults: 30
Young adults: (16-20) : 25
Children (6-15yrs old) : 20
Uner 5's: Free

Family Tickets:
Option a -(2 adults + 2 children) : 60
Option b -(1 adult + 2 children) : 50

Day passes:
Adults: 10
Children: 8

Camping for Festival:
Adults: 25
Young adults: 15
Children: Free
Single nights: 8/person
{Camping will be available for helper-outers, volunteers, and associates Wednesday night at no extra cost and will remain open for same until noon Monday. Showers and changing rooms (and i think lockers-not sure about this) will be available 1 minute from site}

Oh, and did I mention a surprise performance by the Irish Hip-Hop Olympic Team ?

Phew! Its going to be quite legendary! Hope you are all getting along well out there!

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Nice one Eimhin grin

Not sure if i'll be able to make it along due to work at other festivals, but best of luck, and feel free to pm if i can help or advise at all


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Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet. I'll be there with knobs on. well done Eihmin, see ya soon. You be in Galway anytime soon?

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I'll be round once I get out of hospital...shitty and all as this place is, it has been amazing for getting organised! See you in a week I reckon.
I like what you were saying the other night, "Art is all of life"... who said that again? Anyway, lets keep it topical, see you back out west smile

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News just in: There will be present and performing at the festival the Iriah Hip-Hop Olympic Team!!! Their coaches, also known as CO2 (Crew Of 2) will also be giving workshops and a solo performance.
This is set to Quality!

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Mid summer Irish jugglycircusymovementyness! Yes please!

See ye there


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Good Luck with this guys wont make it myself but i'm sure it will be fab!

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