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Posted:I just started spinning poi three days ago, and the after the first day, my arms were kinda sore. So I'm just wondering if it will make my arms stronger? On a different note, poi are awesome and I am so glad I picked it up.

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Posted:Aston: I know what you mean. My contact poi are my preference right now because I get to be silly and experimental in a way I can't be with fire, and I can take them anywhere. I still go to burns if they're announced, but if my regular jams were to become centered around fire I think I would find it less satisfying.




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Posted:I don't burn much anymore. Usually when other people ask me to. But then again, my cathedrals are tiny and kind of bore me. I got new ones now and they should be nicer. My super big ones are extremely awesome and give a massive adrenaline rush, but they probably won't last very long and also they drink fuel. I normally just use them for performing purposes and every time I singe a bunch of arm hair just because I'll do basic weaving and all that stuff. It's ridiculous o0

Also now that it's gonna be summer so I will more. Also I got my ball handles so I can do my lovely one handed things and throws with fire grin And I have staffs that I can work with now.

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Posted:I've been spinning for about 8 months and I only just ordered my first fire poi. Don't know when I'll be able to do a first burn though. Military eats up 6 months of my life that I could be spinning, including half of this summer *shakes fist*, so if I don't get it done before that starts, then it might take a long while. But I don't have any reason to hurry, I'm not that overly excited about doing it with fire. Only downside to waiting too long is that next it'll be winter, and it'll be cold outside again *brrr*..


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Posted:i had only been spinning about 3 weeks or so before i lit up but the first time i ever lit up consisted of 3 beat turns and butterfly hip reels

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Wait dude, the longer before you're first burn the better to be honest, and winter spinning is so much better than summer imho, summer is too hot and sweaty and uncomfortable, winter the fire feels great, warming you with each close pass. If you wait, think of all the experience to be gained along the way and when you finally light up, you'll be able to give a crazy performance and when everyone asks how often you burn you can floor them with "this was my first time"


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