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I'll be teaching 2 workshops in Krakow, Poland on June 15th-16th. I'm not sure how many Polish spinners are on HOP, but here's some info anyway:

Workshop #1: June 15th: Intermediate:

Wall plane flowers Wall plane flowers are a family of moves that I love to do, there are endless variations and things you can do with them, and you will learn to do many amazing patterns in wall plane.
Stalls, wraps, and spirals There are many different ways to change direction, each with its own advantages. Learn how to use direction changes in many different ways, some tips to beautify them and how to use them to punctuate your spinning.
Pendulums and pendulum variations Pendulums are really fun and can be put in many places to create interesting visual effects, from (not)1.5s to crazy flower patterns, pendulums are both versatile, beautiful, and interesting.
Basic Throws****: Learn what you need to start working on throws, isolated throws, inspin throws, and some simple throw combinations will be taught in this workshop.

Workshop #2: June 16th: Intermediate-Advanced:

Advanced Throws****: Now that you can throw, you can start putting throws in a lot more places, Body throws, float throws, half beat throws, antispin throws, and many more variations of throws will be taught in this workshop.
Floats: One of my favorite moves with Poi, learn the 4 basic floats and the many different ways to use them in your spinning.
Contact Poi**** : Contact Poi Learn how to roll your Poi and your string around your body, and how to borrow moves from staff, clubs, and contact juggling and convert them to Poi.
Body Movement and performance basics: Possibly the most important aspect of Poi, or any juggling, is body movement and performance. Whether youre performing in front of 1,000 people, or your family, knowing how to perform and how to communicate to the crowd using your body is very important.

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