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Posted:All 4 days will work already habitual CAMP for participants and visitors of festival. During these days
spectators can enjoy of perfect shows on the big scene and join to traditionally European form of street festival in streets of Kiev!

For spectators KFF is a unique chance in a year to see high-grade show of fire and enjoy performances of the best fire teams and theatres form all over the
word. Besides fire show you also be able to see the circus art and the dramatized representations, different fire installation, competition of fire photos,
fair of a circus, fire and theatrical requisite, schools of drums and fire schools, and the most important thing itll take place in a unique open-air
Green theatre!

For fire performers KFF is possibility to visit workshops from the masters of fire genre, to spend some days in comfortable houses in the forest among
hundreds same fans of the fire, to show your solo or team performance or to catch an applause in fire-battles, show yourself and watch at others, but the
most important thing to plunge into especial atmosphere which appears only once in a year, and its name Kiev Fire Fest !

Moreover, this year all interested persons can take part in street festival your hat and attention of spectators will be the best criterion of quality of
your show!

main info
br>programm of festival
br>special guests

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- Kiev Fire Theatre (member)
- Kiev Fire Fest (organizer)

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Posted:I'm very happy to say I'll be one of the people performing and teaching at this festival, and the list of artists alone should be enough to convince anyone to come.
I'm really, really excited about this festival!



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