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Posted:Hey, just thought I'd post a quick note about an upcoming fire event here in Pennsylvania. Gypsy Fest is a sort of primer to the fire manipulation arts, aimed at relative newcomers (though it's certainly open to anybody!) who want to start their journey or boost their skills. It's a three-day event, with on-site camping, nightly burns, and daily lessons, workshops, and practice sessions.

The dates are July 16-18; it's near York, PA.

To get the most out of the workshops, it's best to have your tools of choice when you arrive (although no experience is necessary), but you may be able to borrow some, and vendors will be happy to equip you!

For a schedule, directions, and ticket info, go to
Updated information should be on the website shortly!

Hope to see you there!

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Posted:I need to make friends with people that hoarde camping supplies (or try to figure out what to look for in a tent).
One of these days.


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