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Posted:I have looked to find anyone near me on here but no hope. I know there are people in Seattle but it is so hard for me to make it past fife that its nearly impossible. Just want to meet someone on the same skill level as me cuz everyone I know out here basically started spinning cuz of me, except for one person but I surpassed him long ago. I just want to meet some local spinners I never knew. Or anyone close and willing to make a meet up one way or another. PM me for E-mail

Thanks, Smurf

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I just got to Wenatchee from Moab, UT. I will be in Seattle area next weekend and at least one other weekend soon. I am a beginner but my long and varied martial arts and chigong background has given me a different spin on the spin....


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Posted:Hey man! Reading this post feels like a Godsend. I live in Puyallup, technically Tacoma. I JUST moved out here a few weeks ago and am DYING to spin with someone! My newest fire vid.

thats a link to my newest fire vid.
763-639-6150- shoot me a text. my name is Tori. or you can just message me on here. let me know!



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Posted:Hey I am Argo (real name Jereimie)

Omg, southsound... Well I guess central sound spinners do exist!! I to and itchen to spin with someone local x.x

I have been a closet spinner for a while and am just now coming out of that closet, so I am eager to meet local people to spin/joke around with.

Anyway, feel free to (as above) text or email or facebook me.
phone: (253) 903-6833

I am ushually in the parkland/Lakewood/Graham area



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