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Posted:Hiya, im travelling at the moment, and having just arrived in cairns, i am keen to hook up with some likeminded people and find out about any firey gatherings that may be happening up north qld way...
is there anyone out there from cairns??...
sms me if you like on 0407 846 139.....
hope to meet some lovely people real soon.....

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Posted:Hope you have a great time Michelle...
love from me and D!


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Posted:Hey there Rainbow*Michelle. If you are still in Cairns please come to our Warehouse at 55 Mcleod Street. One of our crew will be there, but most of the time, im there. So if ya what to hook up and jam please come by.

Oh im sorry i've been so rude. My name is Craig (call me Mozy)

Im sure we could help you in anyway for any fire gatherings as well


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Posted:Have fun princess !!!!

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