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I've just dusted off my poi's after they have been resting for quite sometime!
I would love to know if there are any regular meet up's here in Wellington NZ?
I'm pretty rusty and would really like to be around people that I can learn from..
Hope to hear back from anyone here in Welly

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Icarus Forde
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Icarus Forde

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Posted:Well, I'm not in Welly, but I am about an hour north of you in lil old Levin. smile

That being said, I'm also not a poi person, I prefer the staff, cause it's better (opinions! :P) but if I'm ever down to the south... I'll catch up with ya. smile


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Posted:Hey Kezzauk,

I'm dusting off my poi too but here in Otautahi.

In central Wellington there's the gathering at Frank Kitts Park.

Here's the details:
When: Tue 8pm 11pm
Where: Frank kitts park, Wellington
Description: Frank kitts park in central wellington. Things are pretty casual, Its byo kero, if you use any from their big tin its koha.