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Forums > Videos > The 3D double staff video thread (videos by Rob H./ MCP / Dale / You?)

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dubbles extraordinaire

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Posted:So the chain of inspiration started with this video by Rob H.


Which then quickly moved to MCP posting this:

Equally Brilliant.

Then I joined the shenanigans with this:

Who's next?


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Posted:W I N

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Posted:Damn. Thanks for posting these. I should make a video.

These kinds of patterns are great for when your audience is surrounding you, it brings more people into the illusion. When the audience is looking at you from one direction, like on a stage or in a video, I think these 3D patterns lose some of their visual appeal.

I was thinking that perhaps in a situation where your audience is in front of you, you could offset the pattern at a diagonal so they can see both staves. I'll have to go look in a mirror and see if it works, it might destroy the integrity of the illusion. I guess your orientation to the audience is key.

I really like the idea of doing doubles patterns offset at diagonals, wall plane or otherwise. So an anti-spin would move through an X shape instead of a + shape.

Just some thoughts that probably belong in the staff discussion forums.


dubbles extraordinaire

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Posted:Another by MCP:


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Posted:Oh great. Now i need to make one!

Seeing as rob is here now and dale is going to be here soon,
maybe we should all make one!