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Posted: I think I've got it right, but it feels off. It's fluffy Poi that I bought on this site.
I stuck the loop of the cord through the loop on the head, and pulled the cord back through it's own loop. Then on the other end theres a connector that screws open, and connected the handle to the cord with that. That's the only way I can assume it's done, but the rotation of the Poi doesn't feel thorough. I hit myself in the head doing a simple weave.
If i'm doing it right, could it be that the loops are too thick on my fingers?

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Posted:do you mean these ones...

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Posted:You're just supposed to connect it with the quick link, not loop it through, so just unscrew the quick link and attach it to the fluffies (then screw it closed) and you should be good to go.

Your handles weren't already attached? What kind of cord/chain are you dealing with?

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Posted:If it is indeed the one in the picture, then you can have it the way you have it or the other way round. The other way round will be better for learning in the start, having it the way you have them now would be useful for learning hyperloops down the track.



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