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Posted:Has anyone here ordered fire poi to the us/tx?

it says it was shipped today and is estimated arrival is like 5/3/10.
but is this correct or can i expect it sooner?


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Posted:It should arrive sooner than that. Mine came days earlier than the initial estimation. They are coming from the other side of the planet so it does take a little longer with delays from customs and all the hands it will pass through. Be patient, you'll be alright! tongue2

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Posted:HOP seem to be smart enough to give you a worst case estimate: in my experience too things usually arrive a couple of days before they say.

Planes are kinda messed up at the moment: flights between NZ and the US are OK but many of them usually go on to Europe.


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Posted:Every order I've made has been at least 4 days ahead of schedule. I would be expecting it sometime next week.