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- Please comment smile tell me what you think.

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Posted:You spin fast in some places and you do the same moves like everybody else do, but unclean. You should clear your basics first.



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Posted:Hey. I really liked your btb spiral wrap, real groovy. Thanks for sharing and I look forward to seeing more! Peace and safe travels yall.



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Posted:That was great! Just a couple of things, you need to work a lot on your flowers. And when you do opposite time flowers, make sure to keep the poi in same time. And on your triquetra, your hands need to stay together, but most of that just comes with time.

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Posted:Fantastic Video! I'm probably not as good as the others that have commented on here but it did look awesome, next time, I'd get your cameraman/woman to stand closer or zoom in further. I liked the spiral wraps! Fantastic!


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