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Member Since: 29th Aug 2009
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Posted:My first time on video. Lots of plane changes, techy, some throws, a opposite anti-anti spin compound flower(around 2min), some atomic flowers, orbitals... Just good clean fun. Any feedback is appreciated! yes

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Posted:You need more space, go outside. Forget tricks, just spins
and move more your body..you can go the ball.


Sister Eleven
Sister Eleven

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Posted:Dude, I don't know why you seem to think that every video is a "performance". It's not all about dancing, sometimes it's about logging progress or displaying a technique. I've said this before, but I think it bears saying again, because sometimes it seems like you just miss the point.

Generally if it has the word "tech" or "techy" in the title, it's not a dance performance.

EDIT: Incidentally, bjrcboy, that hybrid around 2:01 is crazy rad.

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Posted:I like your choice of speed, colors and manuevers. But if you're going for more of a dance than a performance, don't think about it, just enjoy spinning and it will flow with ease. Thas just my opinion, oh, and have more room to spin lol. And at around 2 minutes....love it.

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Posted:good video i like those colors a lot.. its hard to get those arms fully extended in a small space though and at some points you looked a little cramped up... just don't get in the habit of this you don't want to go "perform" out side and have your arms scrunched when your doing some of those maneuvers..I really enjoy your plane changes !!! HAVE TO AGREE WITH SISTER 11 the hybrid at 2:00 is one of my favs. great video hope to see more !!!


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Posted:I loved your anti spin flower antispin hybrid, looked awesome. Also, you're using one of my favorite songs. The Riddle by Random Rab smile That made me happy.

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Member Since: 29th Aug 2009
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Posted:Thanks guys! I must admit my room can be cramped a bit but I try to get out whenever I get the chance(damn school/work). @ 2min So you'd all agree of it as a hybrid flower? I thought of that but then again it seems to fall apart in more complex patterns.

Perhaps the alien can chime in.. I believe he mentioned fractal flowers which are along this sort of thing a long time ago on tribe somewhere...