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Forums > Social Chat > and..um..how is even remotly relevant to Religion?

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my favourite bit the the very last sentence.


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Posted:Yeah, but that's ok, this person is obvously more devout in belief than in the english language.

Peronally, i think that is the better of the two choices

but, i have to admit this bit, about how to hit a target, is quite funny

quote: Aim higher above the target if the it is farther away If the target isn't farther away, then you are touching it! Which must make it pretty easy to hit it in the first place...

Oh, yeah, and love the bit that tells you to go game hunting with a pvc bow and arrow

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Posted:hahahahahahahahahahahaha thump.....oops ....fell of my chair.
i think we should adapt this and make similar analogies to staff and poi...

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Its like 'learn to shoot arrows in the name of the lord'!!How bizzare are some people (me included)

spig--------Its not big and its not clever.


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